Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium Chhattisgarh, Flux purification

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium Chhattisgarh is able to effectively remove all kinds of inclusions with fineness up to micron level.

About 80% alumina material than 90% alumina material is difficult to sintering, the temperature is also high, furnace, refractory materials, production process and equipment costs have to increase significantly; Third, the requirements of the production of raw materials of two kinds of purity materials are greatly different, and the cost is greatly different.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium Chhattisgarh

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium Chhattisgarh product features

  • Mechanical interception: removal of large particulate inclusion oxides
  • Filter cake function: filter small particle inclusion oxide
  • Deep adsorption: adsorption of small inclusions
  • Rectifying effect: turbulent flow → laminar flow, prevent vortex formation
  • Avoid bubble, mitigate impact, reduce falling sand

Aluminum has special chemical and physical characteristics. It is not only light in weight and strong in texture, but also has good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and nuclear radiation resistance. It is an important basic raw material for national economic development.

Aluminum bar is actually a kind of aluminum profile, its surface shows rod shape, so it is called aluminum bar, aluminum bar casting including melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and casting process, generally according to its shape can have round aluminum bar, square aluminum bar, hexagonal aluminum bar and so on.

Flux purification uses the flux added in liquid aluminum to form a large number of fine droplets, so that the oxides in liquid aluminum are wet adsorption and dissolved by these droplets, forming a new droplet to the surface, after cooling to form scum removal.

The flux used for purification is composed of salt with low melting point, small density, small surface tension, large activity and strong adsorption capacity for oxidation slag.

When using, first put small pieces of flux into the iron cage, and then insert them into the bottom of the mixing furnace and stir back and forth until the flux is melted, take out the iron cage and rest for 5~10min. Scoop out the surface scum can be cast.

The flux can also be removed to cover the surface as required.

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