What is aluminum plugging liquid

The liquid aluminum plug is also called the liquid aluminum plug cap and liquid aluminum plug. It is made of high-quality tap out cone cotton and is made by a vacuum-forming process. The purpose of developing this product is to make it rigid with excellent high-temperature performance and self-supporting strength. The special-shaped products and aluminum liquid plug caps are all special-shaped products that meet the needs of specific production links in certain industrial sectors. Each product needs to be made into a special mold according to its shape and size, and different binders are selected according to the performance requirements of the product. and additives to meet the requirements of use.

tap out cone

tap out cone

All shaped products have low shrinkage in their use temperature range, and maintain high heat insulation, lightweight and impact resistance; unburned materials are easy to cut or machine, during use, the product has good wear and peeling resistance, and is not wetted by most molten metals.
Shape and supply: Vacuum-formed special-shaped products of various sizes and shapes can be produced, including tube shapes, cone shapes, dome shapes, and square box shapes. Most special-shaped products can be produced according to customer requirements, but some special-shaped products We can also make inventory for customers, such as casting caps and casings for the non-ferrous metal industry, vacuum forming fire sight holes for the petrochemical industry, etc.
General characteristics: The physical and thermal characteristics of various special-shaped products are generally similar to those of the corresponding level of vacuum-formed panels.
Special treatment: If necessary, vacuum-forming hardener or refractory mud can be applied to the special-shaped products as a protective layer.
The aluminum plugging liquid is mainly made of high-grade silicate fiber and other formulas through vacuum forming. The plugging sleeve is used in aluminum smelting furnaces, static furnaces, etc. The heat preservation of the liquid furnace mouth makes the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process more convenient, safer, and more reliable.
Product Description:
Aluminum silicate tap out cone plugged aluminum liquid heat insulation products are made of high-purity tap cones, mixed with inorganic and a small number of organic binders in different proportions, formed by dehydration in vacuum equipment, then dried, and then finished by precision machinery. It can have good mechanical strength, precision, and anti-erosion. Aluminum plugging liquid is mainly used for melting and heat preservation of copper, aluminum, zinc, and other non-ferrous metal industries, making casting more economical and convenient.

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